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About us

Kristin and Kelly are two sisters that decided to join in educating and providing people with clean and safe beauty products. They went through personal journeys of their own that led them to making the switch to clean beauty and pursue degrees in Kinesiology and Health Sciences. They created Cleanglow Beauty & Wellness to be a guide for those beginning their clean beauty journey and to be a place for customers to try new products with confidence. 

Kelly's Story

My clean beauty journey started when I was a freshman in college. I started to suffer from severe cystic acne, which lead me to discover the clean beauty community. Before, I had no idea how the ingredients in the products I used had a negative impact on my skin. It wasn’t until I started researching that I realized conventional brands pack a lot of harsh and toxic ingredients in their products. I spent a lot of frustrating years trying to figure out how to treat my acne. I tried changing my diet, going on antibiotics, topical creams, steroid injections, essential oils, DIY skincare, etc. It wasn’t until I switched to using clean and non toxic products that I really saw a difference in my skin. Although, I have had to treat my acne internally as well, I know that being more intuitive about ingredients has helped tremendously. The pursuit of trying to clear my skin led me to get a Bachelor of Science degree in college focusing on Kinesiology. I learned a lot about the human body, like how the skin is the biggest organ and absorbs everything you put on it. I wanted to use my education to help others learn about how the body works and how the ingredients in your products really do matter. I wanted to help guide and educate people who are new to clean beauty. I know that transitioning to clean beauty can be overwhelming and confusing. That is why we have worked hard to make it easier for you. We want our customers to be able to explore many different beauty brands and find what makes them feel confident. We are here for you! And want to help encourage you throughout your clean beauty journey.

Kristin's Story

Like many people I wasn’t aware of the harm that could come from using toxic products for makeup, skincare, etc. It wasn’t until a doctor told me to make the switch to cleaner products. At first I didn’t think anything of it. How could something that seems so benign cause in some cases detrimental issues on health? Through overcoming health challenges, and pursuing a degree in Health Sciences, I learned that what you put on your body can be just as important as what you put into your body. This is because not only is your skin getting exposed to toxins that it’s absorbing, but with sprays and powders you actually inhale it. As I started switching over to cleaner products, I felt better mentally about what I was using knowing I wasn’t exposing my body to more toxins and I wasn’t reacting as much. I also found out that clean products actually do work. During this time I struggled with skin issues like, acne, and actually had to go on antibiotics. I feel many people go through this, and unfortunately while antibiotics might work in the short run they aren’t a good long term solution. Having those struggles with my skin and also having the education about the importance of using non toxic products, I figured there had to be a natural way to handle this. That’s when I looked into more natural makeup, I wanted to nourish my skin as I was healing it, not add to the problem. Through that I actually found cleaner products that worked better. I didn’t feel like I was hindering my skin when I was using makeup, and I also got the benefit of the makeup actually healing my skin. Of course healing the skin isn’t always an external issue. Sometimes it’s really about a whole lifestyle change. I understand that can be daunting for many, but trust me you are worth it. Having the education I do now through my own experiences and from my degree, I felt the need to help others in their journey as well. So if you have been struggling with your skin or are wanting to know what clean beauty is all about, then you have come to the right place. I hope we can be a source of information and encouragement.